Thursday, March 29, 2007

Adventures in Jersey and travel chaos

I've been away in New Jersey for the last four days for a bunch of work meetings/workshops.

When I first started to travel for work, I thought it was super cool.....I mean what's not to love about having someone clean up after you, someone makes your bed, and of course eating out essentially for free in restaurants? Well, the first time it's cool but then as time goes on it's really not all it's cracked up to be.

It's lonely coming home to a hotel room, you feel like a bloated pig after eating three meals a day in restaurants and then there's the long travel days and the ordeal of airport travel.

I was up at 7 am yesterday for my meetings, headed directly to Newark for my evening flight. Sounds simple enough right??? Well when your flight gets delayed by 4 hours and you get home at 3:30 am only to have to go to work the next day, it totally sucks!!!

The only plus of going to Jersey this week is the proximity of my hotel to TWO A.C. Moore's and TWO Michael's LOL!! I was pretty busy with group dinners and such but I did get a chance to swing by the craft stores a couple of times. I was able to get some of the infamous $1 stamps from Ms and I also picked up a EK Success Curvy Cutter (the circles) with the 50% coupons.

Oh yeah, I had virtually NO internet access for four days *gasp*. I barely survived ;)

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Cammeron said...

Ooh! You'll have to tell me how you like your curvy cutter. I've been wanting to buy one.