Sunday, April 1, 2007

Pass the pepper please

Saturday night I went out with Amber and Anna to Bloom restaurant in Bloor West Village. Nice restaurant but the food wasn't too stellar. It was o.k. to try once but I wouldn't go back again.

I had the curried parsnip soup with coconut milk which was very yummy, and the tomato risotto with a variety of seafood as my main. The risotto was very tasted like rice-a-roni with some scallops and shrimp in it. For $20 I expected a bit more; definitely not the best of the risottos that I've tried.

The weird thing was they didn't have any seasonings available either on the table or from the waiter. Usually most of the upscale places I've visited offer fresh ground pepper to season you meal but nada at this place. A little pepper would have been nice for both the soup and the risotto. Very odd to say the least....

The desserts sounded yummy but Amber had made dessert (a kick ass apple pie) to have back at her place.

It was nice to catch up with some old friends.

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