Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My review of Tim Holtz's Crackle Paint

Since Suzanne asked in her comment what I thought about the crackle paint I'll give you a bit of a review.

I do like the product. It's an all-in-one paint. All you do is open the jar and it has a brush thingy inside kind of like a nail polish bottle. It's all ready to start painting.

I find it REALLY thick and hard to spread around. I ended up glooping some of it onto my chipboard and then spreading it around. I didn't go too thick but you need a decent amount of product. If you have a few large pieces to do the whole bottle will be gone.

Then after it dries, you can rub ink into the item to make the cracks stand out. The colours were made to be used with the corresponding TH distressing inks but I used some of my stamping ink and it worked fine.

I also tried using it on cardstock with a Heidi Swapp mask. It actually worked BUT you can't really see the crackling that much and it makes the paper warp.

I'm anxious to try this on the new grungeboard bc even regular raw chipboard seems to warp a bit from the moisture.

So anyways, I think it's a decent product but since I don't really to that much vintage stuff I don't think I'll be getting a ton of this. I have regular crackle medium at home that I can use with my bazzillon bottles of paint. I might pick up a brown one but that's it.

If you want to get ONE to try I would recommend the ivory or white looking ones like I used in the card below bc you can change the colour with inks.

Thanks for listening to me ramble!


Jan Scholl said...

i bought about 6 colors and while okay, I wont do the obligatory buy every color he has like I usually do. Just not that great a product as far as I can see.

Nicole W. said...

I ordered one bottle myself; tried it the other night on some CTMH chipboard which has a kind of glossy finish. I did one side real thick and faded to thin so I could see the difference and it was very apparent. I had one area that barely had any & didn't crack so I re-applied another coat and it worked great - it blended in nicely. I don't like that big brush - it's so short and stubby - I'd rather use my own though I see the idea behind it's convenience.

Amanda said...

I got two different colors about a month ago, and I wasn't all that impressed. It does not spread well at all!