Thursday, June 12, 2008

Need to save a little?

With the rising cost of gas and stuff these days we could all use a few extra pennies. So I created this altered piggy bank tin (which cannot be opened without a can opener LOL!) using supplies from the June Scraphoria kit.

I thought the bird theme to the kit lended itself well to making my piggy bank a "Nest Egg".
The stamps (letters and birdie on the button) are from the Kim Hughes collection by Cornish Heritage Farms.

So now to start saving all that pocket change (no pennies allowed in my tin LOL!). Actually I usually end up stealing DH's change and his loonies and toonies have been making their way into my tin :)


Jacqueline said...

Neat idea!

LIZZEE said...

Great idea what tin that you can't get in>?

Kim Pitcher said...

Love the tin! GOod idea about needing a can opener. I have a tin bt the lid comes off. lol! S'ok though because mine was for a DSLR and my hubby ended up giving me one last year for my birthday. Guess he got tires of seeing the tin around. lol